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Some tips and tricks of the trade are below, whether it be for simple home updates that get your house ready for list, or helping explain the ebb and flow of the real estate market; I'm here to help be the resource you need for such an important transaction as buying or selling your home. Plus with a passion for interior design I love to share all of the latest trends!

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Not necessarily. Together we will look at the terms of the offers, such as contingencies, which represent different layers of risk. For example, these are a few items to consider:  Is the buyer qualified?  Show me the money! If the purchase is being financed…

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Rent-to-own agreements have a bad reputation in the real estate industry, but is it deserved? Well, it depends. There are many different kinds of rent-to-own agreements, and each one can be modified and customized for the tenant and the landlord. Many rent-to-own agreements…

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Having a solid idea of what your home is worth can show you lots of options and help make many important decisions. Share a bit about your home and neighborhood with me,
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You can read my "About Cristy" for all the formal stuff you need to know. But most importantly what I really want you to know is that I’m very qualified, experienced at and absolutely love selling real estate! Be forewarned: My clients often become good friends!